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Prof. John F. Kennedy  BA, BSc, PhD, DSc, EurChem CChem FRSC, EurProBiol CBiol FSB, CEng FIMC, CEnv FCIWEM, CSci FIFST, CText FTI, FCMI

Prof. Kennedy has a strong international reputation for his research into both carbohydrate and protein chemistry, and biotechnology.

Throughout his career he has contributed extensively to scientific knowledge and has held senior chemistry and biochemistry posts in industry and academia.

Prof. Kennedy has published over 600 papers and 25 books based upon his research. He was awarded the Meldola Medal for Chemistry in 1972, the Carbohydrate Chemistry Award by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 1976, and became Professor of Applied Chemistry, at the North East Wales Institute, University College of Wrexham, in 1994. Prof. Kennedy was also a Senior Lecturer in the School of Chemistry at The University of Birmingham for many years.

Prof. Kennedy is currently an Editor of the Elsevier scientific journals 'Carbohydrate Polymers' and 'International Journal of Biological Macromolecules', and is an Editorial Board Member for the Elsevier Journals 'Food Chemistry' and 'Food Hydrocolloids', and the European journal 'Cellulose Chemistry and Technology'.
Image of Professor JF Kennedy

Senior Scientist

Charles J. Knill  BSc, PhD, CSci CChem MRSC, CBiol MIBiol

Dr Knill has considerable experience in carbohydrate and amino acid analysis, polysaccharide characterisation and modification, physicochemical property profiling (particularly rheology and texture analysis), and the use, modification and design of spectrophotometric assays.

Dr Knill has published over 50 papers/book chapters based upon his research, has made more than 20 international trips for scientific purposes, and has been directly involved in the organisation of several international conferences on carbohydrate polymer science and technology.

Admin Centre Leader

Mrs Angela
M. Kennedy

Mrs Kennedy has experience in handling people in the public sector and an aptitude for searching out information, in addition to general and financial office skills. The admin office liaises with Weston Associates financial advisers, and Hancock & Co. accountants.